Alloys Cleaning, Inc.

1929 East 64th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90001

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ACI was established in 1963 as a step in the manufacturing process of investment castings, closed dye forgings, scrap recycling and military hardware. In the mid 1970's, ACI began cleaning golf clubs for major manufacturers.

Today, ACI has the capability to clean various types of metals such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, high-temp alloys and exotic metals in various forms including
both stainless and titanium investment castings, as well as scrap and golf clubs.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Alloys Cleaning Inc. to establish long-term relationships between our customers and employees by providing:

  • High-quality, personalized, cleaning services resulting in complete customer satisfaction
  • Leading edge techonology that is environmentally and commercially sound
  • Quick turnaround, competitive pricing and continuous improvement
  • Growth and opportunity in a safe environment for employees

Alloys Cleaning has an Environmental Health & Safety Manager on site to answer any questions as well as a Quality Control Manager to answer questions regarding specifications and certifications.


Alloys Cleaning, Inc. is located in the Los Angeles area, but product is shipped to and received from all over the United States.

1929 East 64th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90001

(323) 582-0906
FAX: (323) 582-1923
For emergencies, please call Roger Miller's cell phone at (714) 349-3017

Email:  AlloysCleaning@AOL.com